Here’s How Much Time You Spend In Your Lifetime Doing Normal Activities. Sleeping For 26 Years?!

Every single day, you do the same things over and over, whether you realize it or not. We are all creatures of habit, one way or another. But have you ever really thought about how much time you spend on your routine? You dedicate way more time to brushing your teeth and hair than you’d ever imagine. After you read this, you might never wonder again, “Where did the time go?” You’ll know.

136 days: women spend getting ready.

99,117 hours: spent at work.

23,214 hours: spent washing clothes.

115 days: spent laughing.

9 hours, 18 seconds: amount of time males spend orgasming & 1 hour, 24 minutes: amount of time females spend orgasming.

2,170 hours: spent sunbathing.

653 hours: spent waiting for trains.

160 days: spent smoking cigarettes on break.

7 years: how long we lie awake at night.

6 months: how long we end up waiting in line.

20 weeks: spent being on hold.

4 years: are spent being on the phone at work.

658 hours: spent cuddling and being romantic.

3,000 hours: are used shaving.

366 days: are spent being sick.

11 years: spent sitting in front of the television.

5 months: spent complaining.

38,003 hours: we spend eating.

5 years: we use by being online.

46,800 hours: we spend doing housework.

26 years: spent sleeping.

46 days: men spend getting ready.

(H/T If you’re worried about wasting your life, don’t focus on going on that big trip to Europe. Instead, worry about all of the time you spend putting on make-up or showering. That’s the real time suck.