Here Are The 24 Most Ridiculously Clever Advertisements… That Used Animals. They’re Fantastic.

Advertising is a tricky business. You need to identify people’s needs, wants and desires and capitalize on them. Even if they don’t know what they want, an advertiser should know. One thing that 99% of people love and want? Animals. Adorable, hilarious animals. These clever advertisements incorporated animals and, we have to say, they succeeded in making some awesome ads.

1.) Hopefully not a realistic representation.

2.) Bad food makes your dog troll you.

3.) A great reminder to wash your hands. For real.

4.) Eww, doggy breath.

5.) Woah, that’s some good zoom.


7.) If only this would happen.

8.) This cat is Simon Cowell’s twin.

9.) Stop germs in their tracks (only minus the bubble).

10.) Oh so THIS is how they make milkshakes?

11.) How is this NOT Bill Gates’s twin?

12.) If your dog does this, you know the food is good.

13.) Car rides just got intense.

14.) Man, how can I teach my dog to do THAT?

15.) Sometimes, beards don’t just look like an animal on someone’s face.

16.) LOL.

17.) This is the world’s most epic selfie.

18.) Let your cats get wild.

19.) Poor puppy.

20.) Awwwwww. If only this was real.

21.) If cats really did this, I’d have 30 cats.

22.) This is exactly what I want to do (and how I look) when I eat spicy food.

23.) Squirrels need to really look like this.

24.) This cat will NOT tolerate animal abuse.

(H/T Bored Panda) Henceforth, all advertisements should include animals. It’s hard to be mad at an ad or commercial when there are adorable puppies. 🙂