Here Are 24 Times Vandalism Was So Creative You Can’t Help But Love It. #20, LOL.

Banksy, the famous and anonymous street artist, isn’t the only one making some pretty incredible designs in urban areas. There are lots of talented artists who use the city streets as their canvas. You probably just don’t know that much about their work. These are some designs that were discovered on the streets… and they’re almost too clever. The artists delighted themselves in the ridiculous, or transforming the mundane. Let their joy spread to you by checking out these awesome pieces.

1.) Hey, wait a second! What’s that shifty sign up to?

2.) Hold me…

3.) That seems about right.

4.) This toilet paper touched me.

5.) I heard Stan is kind of a weirdo.

6.) I like where your head is.

7.) How to improve unsightly street grates.


9.) Waiting for your stop suddenly got awesome.

10.) Woah, calm down guys.

11.) I’m suddenly hungry.

12.) That’s a deep mattress.