Here Are 24 Times That Shadows Turned Out Hilarious, Brilliant, Perverted, Or Even Romantic.

There is always more to life than what’s on the surface. What you may see at first may not be the whole story. Take these photos, for instance. At first, it might seem like a totally normal scene… Then, you will realize what story the shadows are telling. Two entirely different things are happening in these photos. Photography focuses on the relationship between light, darkness, focus and perspective. By changing something small, the stories change. Check them out, see if you can discover what’s going on here.

1.) Strangers or lovers?

2.) Everyone is hiding a monster inside.

3.) Oh noooooo.

4.) Hey, I like your tights.

5.) Looks good on you, man.

6.) RAWR.

7.) Is she doing laundry for 2?

8.) I never saw this shadow coming.

9.) I was going to work out, then I saw this.


11.) Music is everywhere, even when you can’t see it.

12.) Decide what you want to do, bird.

13.) Umm. Oops. 🙂

14.) This may be the world’s first cat-dog.

15.) Okay…how?!

16.) This mean trash can is reminding you to recycle.

17.) The magic carpet adds to her presentation.

18.) Stop! He’s got a… Gatorade.

19.) What a cute little beast.

20.) It’s not a coincidence that this is a wedding ring.

21.) Looks like they already are.

22.) During the day it’s just a statue…

At night it’s something else.

23.) Vote for WHO?

(H/T Bored Panda) The next time you take a picture, don’t focus on the light or your subject. Look at the shadows… they could be telling an awesome story you were never aware of. Share these awesome photos by clicking the button below.