Here Are 23 Toilets You Absolutely Must ‘Occupy’ Before You Die. Although #2 Is Pretty Much Insane.

The bathroom is typically not a place that people show off much. Having fancy soaps and oils is nice. Some people even have really neat faucets. If you’re going to make a bathroom awesome, you’ll probably focus on adding a really cool shower or tub… but what about the toilet? After you see this, you’ll know how much potential the porcelain throne has. It’s not just for making #1 and #2… you can make a statement with your toilet. These people are so doing things right.

1.) For the pooping adrenaline junkie.

2.) It might not be fully functional, but it’s cool.

3.) Confusing and elegant. That’s steampunk.

4.) Look, but don’t touch this gold bathroom (you have to squat).

5.) Get trippy with this Yellow Submarine bathroom.

6.) We hope you like peeing while being terrified.

7.) Going pee is better under the sea.

8.) The koi pond bathroom, for when you need company.

9.) This bathroom, for when you need nightmares.

10.) Consider your own mortality while you relax.

11.) This is a one-way mirror; inside, you can see everyone around you.

12.) Do something natural while surrounded by nature.

13.) Stones – it’s what the cavemen built their bathrooms with.

14.) Surprise! It’s a bathroom.

15.) This half-in, half-out bathroom gives you private freedom.

16.) Welcome to the future of discreetly peeing.

17.) This tranquil garden bathroom is all about relaxation.

18.) Feel on top of the world!

19.) Just in case you wanted to see what it looked like from all angles.

20.) Comic books make bathrooms awesome in so many ways.

21.) The bathroom for lovers just got real weird.

22.) For gamers, bathroom time isn’t break time.

23.) It might be a challenge to get to the toilet, but it’s worth it.

Don’t let showers and tubs always steal the bathroom thunder. The next time you’re in a fancy bathroom, look at the toilet. It might just blow you away (and definitely will if it’s a bidet).