Here Are 15 Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles. I’ll Drink To That!

If you still think recycling is boring, maybe you should think about taking that bad attitude and turning it into something cool. You probably won’t be able to make an ottoman out of it, but anything else would be a complete upgrade. There’s no longer any room in this world for people who hate on converting garbage into usable material–that space is now occupied by dangling fish decorations and awesome plastic peacocks. It gets more useful from there, trust us.

1. Ottoman

2. Piggy Bank

3. Bird Feeder

4. Napkin Holder

5. Shoe Organizer

6. Candy Canes

7. Cookie Package

8. Cups

9. Light Fixture

10. Mobile

11. Lamp

12. Fish Decoration

13. Planters

14. Wind Harps

15. Peacock

(H/T woohome) Now if only we could figure out a way to get cars to run on people’s creativity. The planet would be saved! Share this post using the button below.