Here Are 10 Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities That I Bet You Didn’t Know. #1 Is Unbelievable.

We’ve all heard the recent celebrity gossip, but how about we explore some mind-warping celebrity facts? Here are 10 of our favorites. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the Al Pacino and Facebook.

1.) He does have a great jawline.

2.) It happens when you’re an amazing actor.

3.) I’m not sure that even Jake Gyllenhaal could have saved that movie.

4.) Go Keanu!

5.) She doesn’t even have an accent.

6.) It must be nice to have all the money.

7.) Robert Pattinson’s lucky break.

8.) Either way she’s still a badass.

9.) That would be one heck of a family reunion.

10.) She certainly proved her teacher wrong.

That’s so cool about Al Pacino. I wonder if he even knows. Share these crazy facts with your friends by clicking below.