Everyone Must Know These 17 Brilliant Bathroom Hacks. You Will Conquer Using Public Restrooms.

Seriously, I thought the bathroom was pretty straightforward. There doesn’t seem to be that much to do in there but the obvious. So when I saw these brilliant “hacks” to make things easier, faster, and better, you can imagine my surprise. Don’t believe me, check these out and call me a liar!

1. Stop that awful poop splash with a piece of toilet paper.

2. Check Foursquare or Yelp for bathroom codes at places like Starbucks and Chipotle.

3. Broken stall lock? Use a key ring!

4. The weight of a purse can keep a stall door shut if you hang it from the inner corner.

5. You can sneak into any hotel lobby bathroom. Just walk like you own the place and you’ll ALWAYS be golden.

6. Mount hooks across from your toilet at home to make pooping an entertaining treat.

7. Need a speaker to listen to your tunes while you shower. Do this!

8. Ahh, smart.

9. Get a glow in the dark toilet for late night adventures.

10. Use socks to warm a chilly toilet seat.

11. If your toilet paper dispenser is broken, use a clickable pen.

12. Never touch a germy bathroom door handle again.

(Until such time that this genius invention is standard.)

(Or this.)

13. You can use hot water and soap to unclog a toiler. Sans plunger!

14. You can use Coke to clean a toilet in a pinch. Seriously.

15. Stop an overflowing toilet before it’s a problem.

16. Play a delightful trick on your fellow bathroom-goers.

17. Prevent an automatic toilet from flushing too soon with a piece of TP.

Think you’ll ever look at the bathroom the same way again? I can’t wait to check a few of these out… might as well now 🙂 H/T BuzzFeed If you think these are as cool as me, share with your friends below.