An Adorable, But Bored, Kitty Is Entertained By A Simple Piece Of Paper

Cats can be picky about almost anything. Their lounging spots, food and toys have to be just so for them to use them. …But that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be fancy. Vivey the cat, for example, is easily and endlessly amused by a simple piece of paper.

Wait…am I the one easily amused by having this hold my attention and make me giggle for a full minute and seventeen seconds?

Either way, this is one oddly satisfying and cute video. It’s stuff like cat videos getting millions of views on YouTube that makes the Internet so great.

(Source: Lorie Geee)

I bet Vivey eventually thought, “This paper is a part of me now. I will love it forever…until I grow tired of it in 17 seconds, at which time it will be destroyed.”