Amazing Images You’ll Have To See For Yourself To Believe. They’re So Beautiful!

Sometimes, when you see something truly beautiful, it’ll take your brain a second or two to process it. The images below are no exception. Each of them are stunning, colorful, geometrically amazing… but you’ll never guess what they actually are.


1. Some tile?

Nope. Seaweed farms of Bali, Indonesia.

2. Some trucks on the highway?

Nope. Oyster farming of the coast of Luderitz Bay, Namibia.

3. A puzzle?

Nope. A large vineyard east of Cape Town, South Africa.

4. Worms in some grass?

Nope. Fish traps of Kosi Bay, South Africa.

5. Some sand in the desert?

Nope. Salt piles of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

6. Someone’s weird sketch?

Nope. Terraced rice fields of Yuanyang, China.

7. Oh, a bunch of roads?

Nope. Plowed farmland of northwest United States.

8. A DNA test?

Nope. Polders used in the Netherlands.

9. Ohh, a painting!

Nope. The small remnant of a rainforest surrounded by farmland outside Iguacu National Park, Brazil.

10. A microchip?

Nope. Geometric fields of Des Moines, Iowa.

11. Some kind of geometric art?

Nope. Vineyard of Ortenau, Baden Wine Route, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

12. Some bugs on a leaf?

Nope. Bales of hay scattered around Jamestown, North Dakota.

13. Maybe a frog?

Nope. Cobblestone salt wells of Tegguiada-n-Tessoum.

14. Someone’s jacket?

Nope. Green fields of Hartenholm, Germany.

15. A piece of leather, right?

Nope. Raised yuca root beds of Zambia.

16. Some spilled beer?

Nope. Oxidized iron materials in the water of an old mining area in Rio Tinto, Huelva Province, Spain.

17. Ewwww, maggots?

Nope. A flock of sheep gathering in Hamburg, Germany.

18. A bunch of dried mud?

Nope. Paddy fields of South Central Plateau, Madagascar.

19. A bunch of powerlines?

Nope. Wind generators of Altamira Pass, California.

(via Where Cool Things Happen.)

Humans did some pretty terrible things to our planet. There’s no denying that our society inflicted some serious damage to Mother Earth in the past… but we also created some beautiful views by working with our environment. You just have to know where to look. Being really, really high up is a start. That’s how you can see most of these stunning views yourself.

I’m going to make sure to always request the window seat on planes from now on. I want to see these.