A Group Of Young Men Spotted An Old Farmer On The Road. What They Did Next Was Shocking.

A bus for a Gaelic soccer team from Donegal was driving through Ireland recently when they made a pit stop that no one expected. Most people assume that athletes are burly, self-centered jerks who are the jock archetype from high school. That’s just not the case. The Naomh Columba team spotted a 60 year-old farmer, Tomás Lydon, tending his land on their way to Corrib Village in Galway city. He was turning turf and having a hard time, so the players had the bus pull over.

It only took an hour for the team to help him turn his turf.

They covered an entire acre, a task that would have taken the man 5 days at least.

(H/T Joe.ie) I’ll never wrongfully stereotype people ever again. This act of kindness wasn’t a big deal for this group of young men, but they did something that helped the farmer tremendously. This is the kind of gesture we wish we could see more of in the world. It’s truly selfless and all class. Share it with others by clicking on the button below.