Here Are 15 Epic Creations You Can Make From Things Bought At A Dollar Store

When most people go to the dollar store, they see a mess of cheap stuff. Inexpensive toys and low quality housewares tend to be scattered everywhere. When creative and crafty people go to the dollar store, they see opportunity. These 15 DIY projects are as gorgeous as they are cheap, proving that there’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to discount stores.

It’s time to lifehack the dollar store. Next time you go to one, pick up supplies for a few of these cool projects.

1.) This wrought-iron wall art is actually made from a rubber door mat.

See how it’s done here.

2.) Transform these $1 vases into gorgeous centerpieces.

All you need is a bit of acrylic paint.

3.) Make a chic pebbled bath mat on the cheap.

See the instructions here.

4.) All you need to make this poured paint planter is acrylic paint and a terra-cotta pot.

See how it’s done here.

5.) Use DecoArt glass paint and cheap glassware to make this garden art.

You’d never guess this sculpture was once a dinner set.

6.) Plastic drink tumblers attached with nuts and bolts become modular storage shelves.

Not only does it look cool, it also costs only a few dollars to make.

7.) Square mirrors become artsy planters with a hot glue gun.

Check out the tutorial here.

8.) Mount painted kids toys on to wood blocks to make modern bookends.

Now, when your kids tire of their old toys, you can give them second lives.

9.) Silver trays and candlesticks are an elegant way to store and display your makeup.

Read the step-by-step here.

10.) Never lose track of your glass at a party with these chalkboard wine glasses.

Your guests will thank you.

11.) This diner wall art is made from $1 kitchen utensils, $2 frames, fabric, and hot glue.

Read the instructions here.

12.) This chandelier is a great outdoor decoration, you’d never guess it’s made from Mardi Gras beads!

See what else you need here.

13.) These confetti tumbler glasses were inspired by a pricey glassware set, but cost only $2 to make.

Making them yourself adds a personal touch.

14.) Dollar store tiles and an old mirror make up this outdoor garden accessory.

See the tutorial here.

15.) Paint a burner cover and hang with a ribbon for a fun hanging magnetic board.

This craft is cute and practical.

It’s hard to believe these items were made with such inexpensive products. Next time you visit your closest dollar store, be sure to keep these DIYs in mind!