Drinking Just Became 10x More Delicious With 10 Deep-Fried Alcohol Recipes

If you needed another reason to drink margaritas, piña coladas, and beer…look no further. Kick back with a little libation and satisfy your sweet tooth. Introducing…deep-fried alcohol. Whatever your drink of choice may be, it can probably be deep-fried. You’ll be the hit of any party with these boozy treats. Check out the recipes below and start drinking…er, eating.

1.) Deep-Fried Beer

For this recipe, not only is the beer filling deep-fried, but so is the beer-battered crispy shell. Read the step-by-step here.

The finished product!

2.) Deep-Fried Tequila

Forget the margarita and go straight to the good stuff. Deep-fried tequila “shots” are made by soaking sponge cake in tequila and then frying it up until golden. Serve them straight up in shot glasses with salt and lime.

3.) Deep-Fried Jack and Coke

This deep-fried version of a classic drink is amped up with pecans, cocoa, and vanilla wafers. Get the recipe here.

4.) Deep-Fried Piña Colada

These bites are made with fresh pineapple and pancake batter for a tasty tropical treat.

5.) Deep-Fried Frozen Margaritas

Deep-fried frozen margaritas are made with margarita-infused funnel cake batter. After the batter is fried, more margarita is poured on top. It’s finished off with whipped cream and served in a salted glass.

6.) Deep-Fried Hard Cider Doughnuts

Turn your favorite hard cider into deep-fried treats. These can easily be made with virgin cider for the kids, too…but that means you’d have to share them, so choose wisely. Check out the instructions here.

7.) Deep-Fried Eggnog with Rum Frosting

Similar to the tequila shots, these are made by dipping pound cake in alcoholic eggnog. Dip quickly, or the pound cake will become too heavy. Top it off with a little rum frosting (or a lot). See the recipe here.

8.) Deep-Fried Bourbon Shots

Powdered sugar, angel food cake, and bourbon make for a tasty fried treat with a whisky kick. See how it’s done here.

9.) Deep-Fried Wine With Champagne Batter

This treat is made by turning dry red wine into a jelly using Agar Agar, a seaweed product used for gelatinizing things. Egg, flour, and half a bottle of champagne are the only three ingredients in the batter. Read the recipe here.

10.) Deep-Fried Drink of Choice

You can deep-fry pretty much any alcohol. Soak angel food or pound cake in your favorite booze, and cook until it’s crispy. Read more here and get frying!

All of these treats sound so good, I’m not sure which one I want to try first. Will you follow one of these recipes, or have they inspired you to create your own? Share these with your favorite drinking buddy – cheers!