10 Unique DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Easily Create This Holiday Season

Every Christmas ornament has a story. Make new memories this holiday season with 10 easy DIY ornament tutorials. These creative decorations are so simple, even the least crafty folks can make them. These ideas are great for weekend projects or as a holiday party activity. Once they are on your tree, everyone will be asking about your original Christmas ornament creations.

1. Use Scrabble pieces to spell out holiday song lyrics and season’s greetings.

Glue them together and add a ribbon for hanging. Add snow texture paint for an extra wintery embellishment. Read Amanda’s tutorial for more detailed instructions.

2. These penguin lightbulb ornaments will brighten up your tree.

Instead of throwing out an old lightbulb, give it a penguin paint job. Once it’s dry, use a hot glue gun to attach the string. Head to Upcycle That for tips on prepping your lightbulb for paint.

3. These ice cream cone ornaments look good enough to eat.

Cut the cones out of old paper grocery bags. Fill each one with tissue paper ice cream scoops. Secure with hot glue and use a needle and thread to create a hanging loop. See the full tutorial on How About Orange.

4. Don’t use CDs anymore? Make shiny mosaic ornaments out of your old discs.

Purchase clear ornaments from a craft store. Cut CDs into small pieces and use a glue gun to attach each piece.

5. Commemorate your travels with miniature suitcase ornaments.

Create the suitcase body by wrapping an Altoids tin in brown fabric. Glue on ribbons for straps. Resize postcard images from the internet for tiny travel buttons. See it step-by-step on Sadie’s Season Goods.

6. Glittery galaxy ornaments are sure to grab your holiday guests’ attention.

Swish floor wax around inside of your ornament so the glitter sticks to the glass. Read the full tutorial from The Swell Designer here.

7. Make a set of superhero ornaments with just paint and printed logos.

Fill each ornament with paint and glue on the printed logos. For tips on drying paint-filled ornaments, read the tutorial on Happy Looks Good On You.

8. Switch up these DIY chalkboard ornaments whenever you feel like it.

Simply spray with chalkboard paint and let them dry. Celebration has the full tutorial.

9. Print off your Instagram pictures for these jingly photo ornaments.

Grab mini jingle bells at a craft store, along with clear ornaments. Insert your Instagram photos and voila! Get more info on The Sits Girls.

10. Melt crayons inside a clear ornament for colorful, artistic decorations.

Holding a hair dryer to your ornaments will melt the pieces of crayon inside. See more at The Swell Designer.

(via Buzzfeed and Bored Panda)

These tutorials are a good jumping off point for your own creative ideas. The possibilities are endless when making festive ornaments. Happy crafting!